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 National Vision 2030 is a non partisan process by which Liberians will build a consensus on the future of the country or the formulation of a shared vision through a participatory process - setting the  agenda to address the social, political and economic challenges that confront and may confront Liberia over the next 18-years and perhaps beyond - and  a development  framework  consistent with the long term vision.


The formulation of a national vision is a broad participatory process. Vision 2030 will be for the people, by the people and of the people; setting and defining the parameters of - political, economic and social development - for building a reconciled and unified nation. A nation envisioned where citizens share a strong sense of national identity and        community, commitment to ethical          governance, and government partnership in pursuit of national development goals.  The visioning exercise belongs to the Liberian    people and as such, the people of Liberia will set the agenda.

The participatory nature of the exercise is taking the discussion to the people across the country and beyond its shores.  The conversation on the future of the country was set off  at the Regional Consultations led by the president. Grouping proximate counties into five regions, the Regional Consultations    provided citizens of the various counties an opportunity to dialogue on the future of the country and respond to findings gathered by the National Core Team on five system components. Similar exercise has been taken to the communities through the nationwide District Consultation process. To date conversation on the future of the country has been held in 156 districts. Following the district consultations the exercise will be extended to Liberians in the Diaspora to also incorporate their unique perspective into Vision 2030,to address some of perennial social, political and economic challenges confronting transformation in Liberia. 

The Visioning Exercise is essentially to explore the future. The future is filled with possibilities but unpredictable or uncertain. However, it would be shaped by internal and external forces. Being uncertain does not necessarily mean that our future is bound by fate; whether pleasant or feared. What is certain is that we have the freedom to take the necessary steps to claim the future for ourselves. In other words, the future is partially in our hands.


Development in our country over the years has been dis-empowering. This especially means that the externally funded and driven short–term development approach adopted in the past has failed to achieve the desired effect. In addition, because this model has been externally influenced, we have lost control over our destiny. It also means that we will have to work with our partners in ways to ensure they support the final product from this exercise. Similarly, at the domestic level, development is dis-empowering because it has been driven solely by technocrats with little involvement by the people. In order to reverse this trend, it is important that we take steps to include the people in the planning process through a strategic conversation on factors that will shape the future.

Like people all over the world, we have our      differences and may be divided in many ways. These divisions notwithstanding, it is crucial that we have a common ground to adopt a common sense of purpose upon which we can claim the future as a people.

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